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Our history: Protecting kids from the digital world

In the origins of Bosco lies the story of a father who wanted to protect his children in an increasingly digitized world. Driven by the need to provide a solution that was safe, updated, and respectful of privacy, he began a journey of research and collaboration with various professionals.

This journey gave rise to Bosco, a parent-driven artificial intelligence-powered application that has revolutionized modern parenting. Instead of providing direct data, Bosco offers parents valuable insights into their children's activities while keeping their privacy intact.

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Parenting to
the Next Level

Bosco is available in 25 countries and is translated into 8 major languages. Bosco can learn any language within a week.

Deep Vision

Bosco goes further, gathering data from your children's mobile activity, location, and social networks to create a unique behavioral profile. Our powerful artificial intelligence analyzes this data, providing parents with intelligent and personalized insights. With Bosco, you can understand your child at a deeper level and stay informed about what truly matters.

Three-Layer Algorithm

Bosco's exclusive three-layer analysis model understands the cultural and personal complexities that influence your children's social activity. Our patented algorithm takes into account individual differences such as culture, age, gender, and unique behavioral traits to provide a more precise and personalized analysis. With Bosco, each child receives individualized attention tailored to their uniqueness.

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Predictive Intelligence

Bosco features a unique image analysis technology developed in collaboration with Panasonic, placing it light-years ahead of the competition in child safety. With Bosco, you can anticipate your children's needs and proactively protect them in a constantly changing digital world. Our predictive intelligence algorithms learn and evolve over time, uncovering unknown threats.

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Child privacy

The Bosco application never displays parents' personal data collected from the child's device. The child's personal data is analyzed and then immediately deleted.
Parents are only notified if Bosco detects a potential issue.

Parents are notified if Bosco identifies calls with signs of a concerning mood. Parents will not receive a synopsis of the phone call.

Bosco's servers and databases are protected with SSL encryption. Bosco does not collect any information that could link personal data to a specific child. Each bit of data has a unique encryption. Bosco does not share any data with any third parties.

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Smarter parenting

In today's digital age, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by constant distraction and the stress it brings. However, when it comes to our children, research is clear: managing their exposure to technology properly is crucial for their overall well-being. Instead of allowing technology to dominate us, we must take control and use it as a powerful tool to enhance our lives. After all, the positive impact we can achieve is limitless when we know how to manage it correctly.

Download Bosco and protect your children.

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